The digital healthcare market is rapidly expanding. Working in partnership, PDD and Tri-Star Design offer healthcare clients an opportunity to get ahead, with products and services that work for people, make the most of emerging digital technologies, and address complex challenges in the highly regulated medical industry.


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Our integrated team, includes researchers, UX/UI designers, mechanical, electrical and software engineers with diverse backgrounds and recognized leadership expertise in disease management (IVD, POC), portable point of care and wearable physiological monitoring products and technology.

The opportunities in digital health must be considered across the entire healthcare system to reduce costs while enhancing the delivery of services. Home-use devices, wearables, mobile applications, networked technologies, cloud computing and artificial intelligence are creating opportunities for direct-to-consumer medical technologies to move the provision of care away from hospitals and clinics. This shift means that healthcare innovators need to evolve from a device-centric approach to a service-based offering, and focus on the broader ecosystem rather than the device in isolation.

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