Military Industry Solutions

With over 30 years’ experience in electronic product development, Tri-Star Design has launched numerous military products exceeding the quality, timeline and cost objectives of our clients.  Tri-Star Design is proud to support the Department of Defense through our research and development and manufacturing operations.

Tri-Star Design has been involved in a number of military projects involving high-speed data acquisition, FPGA design, high-speed signal trace design and RF applications as well as military and space grade component designs. Projects generally involve working as a sub-contractor for DoD prime contractors and SBIR projects.   Our ITAR compliant contract manufacturing partner provides high quality engineering prototype and production boards meeting all of the stringent DoD manufacturing process requirements.

The Tri-Star engineering team includes experts in precision measurement and control, thermal analysis, embedded processor design, wireless design, power supply development, motor drives, FPGA development, communications protocols, device drivers, plastic and sheet metal design,  board cost reduction, reliability and more. Such a broad range of technology expertise permits our team the ability to take on any project within a variety of military applications.

Applications in Military Design

  • Biometric Intelligence and Identification
  • Terrestrial and Wireless Communication
  • Space-grade Board Development
  • Biological Indicator Detector

Military Design Project Examples


Bioimpedance Application Designs

Tri-Star Design is your partner to solve your demanding bioimpedance and electrochemical measurement challenges. We are experts in designing the world’s most advanced highly integrated impedance to digital converter technology. These capabilities can dramatically reduce size, power consumption, and system cost without compromising demands of sensitivity/selectivity using advanced biosensors or biological tissue modeling with electrodes.