Consumer Product Development
aquasentry Wireless consumer

Low Power and Technology Integration

The four primary functional objectives generally requested by our consumer clients are: low power, technology integration, battery management and (COGS).  Fortunately, with today’s microcontroller products, Tri-Star Design is able to meet the ever increasing demands of our clients.  Our experience and partnership with both Microchip and Texas Instruments has provided us with the opportunity to support the technology objectives of our clients as most of their devices provide integrated data acquisition, serial communication and wireless functionalities.  Upon completion of the development phase of your project, the Tri-Star Design Operations staff work with you in conjunction with our contract manufacturer partners in developing a cost-effective production plan.

The Tri-Star engineering team includes experts in plastic and sheet metal design, thermal analysis, embedded processor design, wireless design, power supply development, motor drives, FPGA development, communications protocols, device drivers, board cost reduction, reliability and more. Such a broad range of technology expertise permits our team the ability to take on any project within a variety of consumer products.

Applications in Consumer Design

  • Infant Care
  • Environmental
  • Healthcare
  • Heating and Ventilation
  • Automotive
  • Agricultural

Consumer Product Design Examples

Wireless Thermostat consumer
Wireless Thermostat
Medication Adherence  Consumer Pill Station
Pill Station
Baby formula dispensor consumer
Baby Formula Dispenser
Wireless Moister Sensor concumer
Wireless Moister Sensor