Tri-Star Design, Inc. Designs Wireless Strain Gauge For Rigging And Overhead Lifting Operators

February 5, 2020 Hopkinton, MA

Tri-Star Design, Inc., an electronic product development company, announced today that in conjunction with their client Slingmax, Inc., they have successfully designed and developed a low-cost wireless strain gauge measurement system capable of detecting and alerting construction site operators of overload conditions during equipment rigging exercises.  Technology is integrated as part of the sling unit and wirelessly communicates the strain values to site operator as the object is moved.

The Slingmax SmartLift patented strain gauge measurement system provides the capability to support up to 50 lifting slings at a time and will be offered on all sling sizes.  Wireless range supports up to 150 meters direct line of sight with a maximum battery life of 1 year.

Tri-Star Design was selected to design, test, and integrate the electronic hardware and firmware, which includes the main system processing element, system power management and the wireless radios.