Mechanical Design Services from Tri-Star address requirements of engineering organizations across a variety of markets and locations. As a complete engineering design services partner, Tri-Star provides clients with outstanding designs, leveraging over 20 years of expertise in CAD, CAM and CAE. The mechanical design services we provide range from concept design right through to detail engineering, analysis, and prototyping, using industry best practices for CAD, CAM & CAE.

Our services are used by companies in a variety of industries such as high tech electronics, industrial automation, power and manufacturing. Tri-Star’s mechanical design engineers combined with state-of-the-art tools, deliver today’s world class product conceptualization services, to a customer base that looks forward to the innovative designs developed by us. By combining engineering knowledge, industry experience & software tool expertise, Tri-Star enables the client to design, simulate, analyze and prototype their products, thereby reducing development costs and time. Tri-Star engineers are competent in global standards like ISO, ASME and DIN and can provide detailing in sync with client specific production methods.

Industrial Design An important feature of a product’s design is the aesthetic design which entails bringing personality and form to the product being developed. Tri-Star Design’s experienced industrial design team understands how to reach a balance between aesthetics and functionality. Our designers combine an understanding of your product’s requirements with knowledge of market trends to create a concept that appeals to your end customer.

Our industrial design services include 2D concept drawings, 3D renderings, proof of concept models, labeling, packaging and rapid prototyping. Upon receiving feedback from the 3D CAD renderings Tri-Star can begin to fine-tune the design by moving into the mechanical engineering phase. During this time we will generate the 3D computer models of the parts and assemblies including all features that will be on the final product.

3D Printing Tri-Star Design can assist you moving from concept to finished product within your budget by utilizing our 3D prototyping development process. Employing our in-house development and prototyping lab, we can produce high quality prototypes and help with any specific product development requirements you may have.


  • High Resolution Model – Dual extrusion, 0.005″ precision with FDM materials
  • Proof of Concept Models – Durable and functioning features
  • Visual Models – Materials include ABS and PLA
  • 9″ x 6″ x 6″ build size
  • Prototype Machining


  • Solid Modeling
  • Industrial Design
  • Rapid Prototyping
  • Plastics Design
  • Material Selection
  • Enclosure Designs
  • Chassis Design
  • Environmental Stress Testing
  • EMI/RFI Shielding
  • 2-D Mechanical Drawings
  • 3-D Models for Interference Detection & Tooling
  • Motor Controls


  • SolidWorks®
  • Pro/Engineer®
  • Computational Fluid Dynamics


  • Machined Parts Design
  • EDM
  • Plastic Injection Molded Parts


  • Thermal Simulation (Computational Fluid Dynamics)
  • Heat Sink/Exchange Design
  • Analytical Analysis of Heat Transfer