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Thursday June 24th  2021 at 10AM EST, Tri-Star Design Inc. (Hopkinton, MA) hosted a highly informative free one-hour webinar by some of the world’s leading semiconductor suppliers.    The webinar provided attendees with a product “toolkit” to solve some of the most challenging POC system use cases including cybersecurity threats, BLE wireless communication, biosensor and electrochemical sensor signal processing, medication adherence detection and thermal management tracking along with highly integrated modules that support medical grade standards and regulations.    We were excited to have presenters from Analog Devices, Microchip, NXP, Nordic Semiconductor and Tri-Star Design.    As a Turn-key electronic product design organization Tri-Star Design has extensive design experience across all engineering disciplines offering clients complete solutions.

Paul Errico Director of Healthcare Account Management for Tri-Star Design Inc. hosted this event.  Please feel free to reach out to Paul if you have any questions about the seminar at or to view the webinar please see the link below.

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